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"Ultimate riding underwear for the perfect seat, for every rider. Stylish, effective, discrete and beautiful"

What is Derriere Equestrian?

Derriere Equestrian Riding Underwear, Padded Horse Riding KnickersThe world’s leading international equestrian underwear brand….

Derriere Equestrian® has brought together innovation, science and style to develop the perfect equestrian riding underwear.

The Derriere Equestrian® concept has evolved from years of research, experience and exploration into the exacting requirements of padded underwear within equestrian disciplines. It immediately became clear to us that a range of garments would be necessary to cater for everyone's needs; for the female we offer both panty and shorty style underwear incorporating either our scientifically designed padded support system or in a non-padded but seamless format. For the male rider, we have either a padded or a seamless shorty.

All our horse riding underwear is created first and foremost to be the ultimate in comfort, by supporting the rider's seat perfectly and minimising seam-lines, while also being extremely stylish and made from the finest Italian fabrics. The quality and all-way stretch of these fabrics contributes significantly to the comfort levels. The colours and jacquard design have all been carefully selected to give our products that highly desirable designer appearance.

"We deliver excellence in our customer care”

Whilst we at Derriere Equestrian pride ourselves on being a luxury brand, we cater to all riders needs through the durability and practicality of our products.

We have built the Derriere brand by delivering a high quality, highly functional product in to the equine marketplace, backed-up by first-class customer care. Our head office staff are extremely knowledgeable and are there to help with any questions regarding technical or sizing issues. We offer on-site product training for new and existing retailers together with attractive point of sale display stands.


Derriere Equestrian Riding Underwear Packaging

Why is Derriere Equestrian better than other underwear companies?

Derriere Equestrian was created by our MD, Claire Galer, due to the fact that as a dressage rider, she had tried all the equestrian underwear on the market in search of a truly supportive and non-chafing product. This combined with Claire’s work as a Professional Equine Therapist, lead to interesting discussions with clients and riders in all disciplines on rider symmetry, comfort and professional sporting undergarments for the equestrian. Many riders reported nothing worked properly and this made Claire more determined, that this major void in equestrian clothing could and should be filled.

Being a perfectionist, Claire set about the task with the objective of producing underwear that not only was supremely comfortable, didn't rub anywhere, would be extremely durable but also that looked fantastic and was made to the highest quality, using leading production techniques and fabrics. She worked with the world's leading cycle pad manufacturer, CY Tech, to produce a scientifically designed pad system specifically tailored to the horse rider.

equine riding underwear


The company have a sports science lab in conjunction with the University of Padova in Italy incorporating the most advanced pressure testing technology. Claire then enlisted the services of a French lingerie designer to fine tune her own designs for production using minimal seam processes and fabric bonding. The amalgamation was completed by selecting the best in sport-tech fabrics using the most comfortable, bacteriostatic and wicking materials to ensure a dry, healthy rider. The resulting products are beautifully packaged and keenly priced for our valued customers around the world. No other company comes anywhere close to matching the exacting criteria adopted by Derriere Equestrian and that is why they are the best!


All our designs are rigorously performance tested and tweaked, if necessary, until we are 100% confident that they will surpass expectations. The latest, and most exciting creation is our sports bra which is set to take Derriere into the wider sporting arena, outside the equestrian world. High-tech fabrics coupled with brilliant design-features should see this product becoming the market leader. It combines the perfect balance of compression and support leading to rave reviews from our testing team.


The rider feedback on the garments is incredible, with many riders quite amazed by what a difference the Derriere Equestrian Padded Underwear does for their seat and overall riding comfort and performance.


Once a Derriere Rider, always a Derriere Rider! They are beneficial to all riders at all levels, regardless of if they are hacking or competing regularly.

Derrieres have a place in all riders’ wardrobes

rider padded underwear

What about the Derriere Equestrian Rider Wear range?

Derriere Equestrian Breeches, Padded Horse Riding BreechesThe Derriere Equestrian® breeches have also been designed to promote optimal comfort and performance for both the male and female rider. Designed to be harmonious with Derriere Equestrian Underwear, with all seams avoiding the point of contact between rider and saddle.

The Derriere Equestrian® Rider Wear range consists of breeches, leggings, and base layers, all which have been designed to promote optimal comfort and performance for both the male and female rider. Designed to be harmonious with Derriere Equestrian Underwear, with all seams avoiding the point of contact between rider and saddle.

Maximum comfort, minimum movement and ultimate style

The development of our beautiful breeches came alongside the underwear. We looked at padding breeches, however the efficacy of the final garment did not have the same control and finish. To ensure conformity of the product and to eradicate any form of rubbing, chafing or abrasions it is essential that the padding is snug fitting to the body. By providing padding in the underwear, one can ensure the close fit finish and with the correct level of elasticity provided by our all way stretch fabrics that gives a smooth and invisible finish for the rider. If riders were to wear underwear under their padded breeches, with inappropriate seamlines and without the Derriere fit finish, this would undoubtedly result in rubbing and would also prevent the pad fabric coming into contact with the skin. Having ensured we had tried and tested every angle with the padded breeches, we agreed the concept without a doubt was "Padded Underwear.”

So, we designed a range of stunning breeches, which again were developed scientifically and to the highest quality, and they have proven extremely popular. They have been featured in both the UK and across the world in many "tried and tested” articles and have had fantastic reviews. They work in harmony with the Derriere undergarments, ensuring all fabric surfaces come together to eliminate chafing, abrasions and discomfort associated with equestrian sports.

Developing an equally outstanding Activewear Range has been a natural progression. Riding leggings and base layers are now staple pieces in the wardrobe of everyday riders and we wanted to bring the innovation, technology and science from our underwear and breeches to these core riding items. As you would expect from Derriere, they have been designed to offer first class performance results, while still looking extremely stylish with a high-end luxury feel.

They have been featured in both the UK and across the world in many "tried and tested” articles and have had fantastic reviews. They work in harmony with the Derriere undergarments, ensuring all fabric surfaces come together to completely eliminate chafing, abrasions and discomfort associated with equestrian sports.

Our product range fills a gap in the market globally for effective, elegant, high quality, performance tested and proven sporting undergarments for both the male and female rider. The testimonials and feedback from buyers arrives with our team daily and they speak for themselves. The products are of outstanding quality and design and without a doubt assist many riders across the globe in all equestrian disciplines to achieve a more comfortable and effective seat.

As a manufacturer of high quality, highly effective sporting garments, our customer satisfaction is focal to the entire concept that is Derriere Equestrian.

Who is behind Derriere Equestrian?

Derriere Equestrian Claire GalerClaire Galer BSc(Hons) ES. ITEC Dip EQ. MESMA. ITEC Dip Hu. MIGPP. ITEC Dip Spts.

Claire Galer is the founder, Managing Director and designer of Derriere Equestrian®. Her knowledge, coupled with her strong drive, has led to the launch of this new, innovative and essential product range for riders.

Claire has 20 years of experience working with both horses and riders. She began her career as a nurse before then going on to study for a degree in equine science, majoring in equine physiology, sports science and nutrition, graduating with Honours. This led Claire into a career with Dodson & Horrell, specialising in equine nutrition, later working as a consultant to pharmaceutical companies and feed manufacturers.

In 2004 Claire studied for further diplomas in holistic massage, sports massage and undertook a diploma with Mary Bromiley in equine sports massage.

Since qualification in both equine and human sports therapy, Claire has followed a fascinating career treating 25 to 35 horses a week, undertaking horse and rider assessments and advising many of our top athletes in all disciplines throughout the UK and Europe.

She has lectured for universities, Mary Bromiley course students, para-professionals CPD (Continued Professional Development) Events and Veterinary Surgeons all over the UK.

Visit www.eqwisemassage.co.uk to find out more about Claire’s Equine Therapy work.

Claire Galer Derriere Equestrian Leader with a horse Derriere Equestrian's Claire Galer patting a horse Derriere Equestrian Claire Galer stroking a horse

Claire lives with her husband Tim and their four children at their own Equine Veterinary and Rehabilitation Clinic in the Cotswolds, England.

Formerly eventing and show jumping at affiliated level, Claire now spends her leisure time training and competing in affiliated dressage. Her husband Tim, runs his own first opinion and referral Equine Practice. Visit www.peasebrookequineclinic.com and www.peasebrookequinerehab.co.uk to find out more.

Prior to the launch of Derriere Equestrian and subsequent global demand and growing business, Claire assisted in the management of the Equine Rehabilitation Centre at Peasebrook Equine Clinic. When time permits, Claire does still very much get involved in the clinic work at Peasebrook both in the Operating Theatre as scrub in assistant and as a Therapist within the rehab centre. Claire has been an active member of the governing bodies in the Equine Para-Professional world for over 10years. This has kept Claire’s skills at their highest of levels and she maintains close contact with all facets of the equestrian industry.  She has been a member of the ESMA (Equine Sports Massage Association) Committee since 2007 and took on the role of Chairman of ESMA from September 2012 to May 2014. Claire is also joint Chairman of MAST (Massage & Soft Tissue Therapists) a sub group of the AHPC (Animal Healthcare Practitioners Council) formed to work with LANTRA & BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) on the review of the regulation and recognition of Equine Para-Professionals project.

Derriere Female Equestrian Riding Underwear Derriere Equestrian Riding Underwear Derriere Male Equestrian Riding Underwear

"So why was there such a gap in the market for our unique equestrian padded pants? So many customers ask,” Why has nobody done this already?” The answer is quite simply that most riders have suffered in silence and have been reluctant or embarrassed to discuss the more intimate details of their underwear malfunctions in terms of rubbing or chafing. I am a dressage rider and had also experienced such problems first hand so to speak! I explored the marketplace and tried the existing brands. None of them worked due to poor construction resulting in bulky seams, use of inferior fabrics lacking the moisture-wicking and bacteriostatic properties that we now incorporate in all our garments and no effective supportive padding. The design path was clear to me and we began by approaching the world’s leading cycle pad manufacturer who had already solved a similar problem for their sport; we worked with their sports scientists to develop a specifically designed pad system utilising the most advanced composite materials and data from pressure testing equipment. We then selected a French underwear manufacturer based in Tunisia who specialised in seamless and bonded-seam technology to help us achieve supremely comfortable, but very stylish lingerie” Claire Galer Managing Director Derriere Equestrian Ltd