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Derriere Equestrian® has brought together innovation, science and style to develop the perfect equestrian riding underwear. The Derriere Equestrian® concept is driven from years of research, experience and exploration of the use of underwear within equestrian disciplines. The equestrian marketplace has moved forward in many ways with development and advancement in the technology of riding clothes, especially with padded pants and padded bras — but the world of equestrian underwear has been left behind.

When looking into cycling, rowing or spinning, the wealth of products available to support these athletes is extensive. Many research trials have been undertaken to ensure these sporting athletes are supported and comfortable while enjoying their chosen discipline. Scientifically Designed, Innovative and Stylish, Equestrian Riding Underwear for Superior Performance. Derriere Equestrian® has now brought the fusion of these technologies to the equestrian world. The Derriere Equestrian® concept is quite a revolution, taking riding underwear forward in innovation, science and development.

The correct riding undergarments, are one of the most important investments a rider will make. That's right, riders should never wear inappropriate underwear and should aim for well designed, sporting equestrian padded pants and bras for every occasion! This does not mean the traditional "Bridget Jones’s Knickers”, riders everywhere now have the luxury of selecting from the full designer range at Derriere Equestrian. Derrieres have become synonymous with the perfect style, comfort and performance combination for riders in every discipline.


Ensure your choice of horse riding underwear will work as hard as you! Derriere Equestrian Underwear is made with synthetic weaves and fabrics with moisture-wicking and bacteriostatic properties, offering a breathable fit while providing support, comfort, style, quality and mobility. For padded pants, bras and other riding underwear look no further than Derriere Equestrian. Designed by riders, for riders.

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