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What is the technology behind Derriere Equestrian?

The correct horse riding undergarments are one of the most important investments a rider will make. That's right, riders should never wear inappropriate underwear and should aim for well designed, sporting equestrian underwear for the occasion! This does not mean the traditional "Bridget J's" "Big Knickers", riders everywhere now have the luxury of selecting from the full designer range at Derriere Equestrian. Horses for courses as they say and Derrieres have become synonymous with the perfect style, comfort, performance combination for riders in every discipline. 

The technology behind all of our padded pant designs ensure usage of the highest performing sporting fabric. Derriere Equestrian uses synthetic fibres resulting in soft, supportive, performance stretching underwear, suitable for all equestrian sports. More critically, this means that the underwear is moisture wicking, making it ideal for sport, with additional benefits of, antimicrobial, bacteriostatic and non-chafing properties. With the latest innovations in fitness apparel our design team have been able to work with us, to bring to the marketplace, the leading, most effective and most popular of equestrian riding underwear.

Wicking. Bacteriostatic. All Way Stretch. Sport Tec Fabric. Riding Underwear

The best fabric for exercise-friendly underwear is moisture wicking and breathable. Cotton was traditionally used for years, however many of the newer synthetic fabrics are specifically designed to keep you dry. For repetitive movements and seated sports, such as seen when riding, running, rowing and cycling, comfortable underwear should present with flat seams that are non-abrasive. Our exercise-specific fabrics are better than plain cotton and provide essential hygiene properties. Our technical underwear is stretchy but supportive, which is great for horse riding. They also wick sweat far more efficiently than any cotton undies around, to help keep you drier. The bacteriostatic properties of the fabrics will also help to fight odour, and assist in the presentation of a healthy microbial environment. These factors are definitely worth considering when selecting your riding underwear, to keep you healthy and dry while in the saddle.

Planning your undergarments in advance, anticipating issues like chafing, has become a key factor in riders every day choice of under layers and riding apparel.

The unobtrusive optional padding protects the sensitive perineal area that is often irritated by the saddle, and offers support to the pelvic bones. The seams are bonded and protected with a very fine stitch which will prevent rubbing whilst remaining to be a long lasting product with invisible seams.

The padded underwear offers discrete protection and relief from abrasions, rubs and saddle sores

The optional padded section has a revolutionary two layer channel structure; the channels in the top layer collect and canalize moisture and force it down to the second layer which expels it. Derriere Equestrian underwear is ultra-fast drying, breathable and bacteriostatic leading to super hygienic, and very comfortable, discrete underwear.

Furthermore, it has been proven that when the rider is more comfortable in the saddle the likelihood of compensatory misalignment of the rider’s spine and pelvis is reduced, resulting in a more harmonious partnership with the horse. Derriere Equestrian could improve your horse’s way of going by improving your comfort and encouraging a correct seat position.

Our fabrics are high end wicking sporting fabrics, which let the skin breathe so preventing reddening and rashes caused by overheating. Moist skin can easily lacerate which is why the ability to transport moisture to the outside (wicking) was such an important characteristic for our fabric choice.


Our fabrics are highly evolved providing:

Maximum moisture absorption

Ultra-fast drying

Fresh & dry effect

Great breathability

Bacteriostatic properties

The Bacteriostatic elements of our fabric act by inhibiting the growth or reproduction of bacteria while preserving the normal skin flora. All the materials used for our DEPSS (Derriere Equestrian Padded Support System) are OEKO-TEX® certified through our Italian manufacturing team. The production process of the DEPSS is strictly 100% made in Italy with meticulous quality control and attention to detail from start to finish. The DEPSS Fabric is the only brand in the world to be certified by ISO 9001.


Derriere Equestrian Padded Riding Underwear Material Derriere Equestrian Riding Underwear


The Team of experts that make up the design team at Derriere Equestrian are:

Claire Galer – Designer & Founder

Julie Micault – Production Design Leader

Ludovic Mouret – Production Director

Marino De Marchi – Technical DEPSS Design Director

Stefano Coccia – Technical DEPSS Design Director

Giovanna Dal Vera – Deign Tech Team DEPSS

Dr Antonio Paoli – EIT’s Scientific Consultant

Our experts are from Italy, France, UK & Tunisia.

Having the backing of such a fantastic team has ensured we have been able to design and develop a product range that conforms to the horse rider’s saddle and anatomy while seated. The Derriere Equestrian Padded Support System (DEPSS) has been thoroughly performance tested and is produced with the highest quality tech fabrics, where bacteriostatic properties have been a key element for us.

Our Italian padding manufacturers with their well-known brand Elastic Interface® — are regarded as the worldwide leader in designing and developing insert pads for cycling shorts, now they are also the world leader for their work with Derriere Equestrian, in insert pads for riding underwear!

Elastic created its technology in response to problems reported from cyclists affecting the gluteal, perineal and genital-urinary area (GPGU). These problems manifested as genital numbness and other dysfunctions due to compression of the pubic nerve. Some incidence have been reported in horse riders, however the main criteria for the rider, being that of supporting the pubic bony prominences and pressure points. The anatomically designed Derriere Equestrian underwear presents with a snug fit, resulting in complete non-movement, keeping the underwear in place, whilst the high tech wicking materials keep you cool.

Dr Paoli MD of the department of Anatomy and Physiology, from the University of Padova is Elastic Interface’s® biomechanical consultant. He has carried out extensive perineal pressure testing in various sporting situations and has been able to demonstrate reduced compression in the GPGU zone and maintenance of blood flow to the perineal tissues when using the pads.

This video is an in-field representation of the pressure that the body of the rider exerts on the saddle reported by Doctors Antonio Paoli and Giuseppe Marcolin, published in Science Direct.

The Italian manufacturing design team at our suppliers have used all their experience and expertise in collaboration with our Managing Director, Claire Galer, to develop the specific padded support systems for the equestrian rider.

Following on from the analysis of the advice from our Italian experts, the design prototype was created, performance tested in all equine disciplines and taken to further development.

Derriere Equestrian Manufacturing Underwear Derriere Equestrian Manufacturing Underwear Derriere Equestrian Manufacturing Underwear Derriere Equestrian Manufacturing Underwear Derriere Equestrian Manufacturing Underwear Derriere Equestrian Manufacturing Underwear

Specifications, Science, Technology and Design Criteria of the Derriere Equestrian Padded Support System:

The finished garments are elastic to allow the full range of movement of the rider.

DEPSS incorporates different densities to provide the correct support according to different compression levels at key points in the saddle, identified by mechanical pressure testing studies.

The garments are multi-anatomical, they conform to the saddle, and this ensures multidiscipline application.

Derrieres have a specific design that maximises the fit of the rider to the equestrian saddle.

The garments provide support, comfort and use fabrics that are bacteriostatic; fabric that will stop bacteria from reproducing, while not necessarily harming them otherwise. This is in contrast to bactericides, which kill bacteria.

Designs incorporate: EIT X-TRACT, an air base layer for maximum ventilation, and high-density foam layers.

All products undergo performance testing, and further ongoing research trials are mapped out and undertaken by Derriere Equestrian.

The result of the product range is a specially developed breathable, micro-fibre fabric that features the patented all-way stretch of the Italian technology.

The DEPSS ensures special high density foam inserts are placed at key pressure points in the perineal and ischial zones to provide maximum comfort and performance, while the outside edge of the pad has extra soft fabric in the external zone to eliminate any chafing.

The more comfortable and higher performing the padding is, the greater energy savings and better posture for the horse rider.

On the contrary, discomfort can cause the rider to move in the saddle while trying to readjust their posture, interrupting the harmony between the horse and rider.

Derriere Equestrian Manufacturing Underwear Derriere Equestrian Manufacturing Underwear Derriere Equestrian Manufacturing Underwear

The Equestrian Padded Support Systems are produced in Italy and then shipped to our partners in Tunisia, where they are incorporated into the undergarments during the manufacturing process, resulting in high quality bonded and reduced seamed garments.

How are the Derriere Equestrian products manufactured?

The manufacturing processes used for production, involves both the bonded and seamless technology.

Bonding fabric together, ensures reduced seamlines and stitching, this is an essential process to produce undergarments that have no abrasive edges and reduced stitched seamlines. 

Derriere Equestrian Manufacturing Underwear Derriere Equestrian Manufacturing Underwear

Seamless Manufacturing is the new way of approaching the apparel culture. The introduction of the SEAMLESS manufacturing ability for producers has revolutionised the global underwear marketplace.

The development of the single jersey electronic circular knitting machines by Santoni® for the production of seamless wear was a very innovative discovery and has revolutionised the underwear manufacturing process for underwear, outerwear, swimwear and sportswear.

Derriere Equestrian Manufacturing Underwear Derriere Equestrian Manufacturing Underwear Derriere Equestrian Manufacturing Underwear

The team that head up both the bonded and seamless manufacturing for Derriere are composed of textile engineers, specialised chemists, high level technicians, designers and fabric selection experts.

The Derriere Equestrian® products go through more than 50 controls during their transformation in production, followed by further individual garment testing at quality control and then again at the packaging, shipment and warehousing stages. The final products are presented and packaged to an exceptionally high standard.


All our designs, from male padded horse riders briefs to female padded underwear and teen equestrian knickers, are rigorously performance tested and tweaked, if necessary, until we are 100% confident that they will surpass expectations. The latest, and most exciting creation is our sports bra which is set to take Derriere into the wider sporting arena, outside the equestrian world. High-tech fabrics coupled with brilliant design-features should see this product becoming the market leader. It combines the perfect balance of compression and support leading to rave reviews from our testing team.